On the PRINCE2 Project Organisation Chart Template

The PRINCE2 Project Organisation Chart isn’t a rigid project bureaucracy as the critics would have you believe. It actually makes a lot of sense and shares many characteristics with the more loosely defined Project Steering Committeebut rather than just have a round table of stakeholders, PRINCE2 has focused the group into a meeting of the three (3) key decision makers:
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  > Org Chart (MS Visio)
  > Org Chart (MS Word)
  > Org Chart (MS PowerPoint)
  • Project Executive (Project Sponsor / Project Owner)
  • Senior User (Principal beneficiary of the project deliverable)
  • Senior Supplier (Principal implementer of the project deliverable)

PRINCE2 Organisation Chart Template in MS Visio

Figure 1: PRINCE2 Project Organisation Chart Template in MS Visio

Another nifty addition to the PRINCE2 Project Organisation is the documented responsibility for Project Assurance.  All the Project Board members are responsible for the Project Assurance and in larger projects this can be partially or fully delegated to members within the User organisation, Supplier organisation or the business.

Depending on the size of your project, you can merge or expand on the roles as you see fit.  For example in a small IT project, the Project Manager may also be a Team Manager or Team Specialist.   The PRINCE2 structure is a good checklist of project management functions that you need to cover off on in your project organisation.

To help you develop your PRINCE2 Organisation Chart quickly, we’ve cut to the car chase and added some templates (above) to get you started.

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4 Responses

  1. There is a free wiki on Prince2 on Jonathan Camp’s blog at http://www.microupdate.co.uk/uploads/PrinceII.html also a free crib sheet http://www.microupdate.co.uk/uploads/Prince2DocumentProcessMap.pdf on Prince2 covering the documentation process map showing the inputs, outputs and updates for all key documents in the methodology.


  3. Tool Downloads – Org Charts don’t download

  4. The org charts templates all generate ‘file not found ‘ messages. I realise this is quite an old post, but it would make sense to keep the references updated, or delete out of date posts.

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