On Project Issue Management

Simply put Project Issue Management is the means of controlling change within your project. However defining an exactly what an issue is can be a little more tricky. An “issue” is defined as a situation, problem, or an activity that has happened or is happening which impacts upon the approved Project Plan.
Tool Downloads
> Project Issue Log Template
> Project Issue Submission Form

A “project issue” is a concern or request raised by any stakeholder or team member that needs to be addressed, either immediately or during the project.  As such there can be many different flavours of project issues:

  • General Issue

  • Request for Change

  • Off-Specification

  • Business Process Improvement

Issues vs Risks

While being a source of confusion for many, risks are different from issues because an issue is something that is a problem that has happened, whereas a risk is something that may happen in the future and have an affect on the project.

Critical considerations for speedy resolution – Ownership & Escalation

The concept of an issue having an owner is crucial to effective issue management. The owner is someone within the project team who is responsible for ensuring the issue is resolved. All members of the team should be encouraged to log issues as soon as they arise (often this occurs first in the course of informal discussions) and an appropriate owner should be determined. Generally ownership should be at the lowest level at which the issue could possibly be resolved.

If the event of the initial owner not being able to resolve the project issue an escalation procedure should be in place to escalate it through line management of the project up to the project manager and, ultimately, the project sponsor/executive.  If you are employing PRINCE2 you will find this already in place.

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