When your skills, talents and passions are not supported in the workplace

 In a previous life, in a previous career, I was told pretty regularly that I spent too much time with my clients on the phone.  I was told that I used my heart too much and needed to think more about bottom line.  I was told in staff meetings that I was a tree hugger because I encouraged double sided copies. To a true environmentalist, this is not radical or worthy of a comment I am sure.  Anyway, I was not in alignment with my natural skills, talents and passions.  There were many things that kept me in that job.  I was good at it, it paid really well, I was advancing and the things I was good at that made the business money were supported.  I enjoyed my clients when I was able to build real relationships with them and I  had a rule for  myself – while I had to listen to my boss and cut down on the calls that did not connect directly with the bottom line, or money, I would allow myself one client a week that I would give the extra time to, even though I knew I could not ‘benefit’ from our time together. Often this would be done on my own time, not my company’s time.  
In this job I often used words like stressed, overwhelmed, tired, etc.  Words that are all too common in our culture.  I challenge anyone to find a more flexible corporate and supportive job then the one I had.  However, I was still out of alignment.  Yesterday during a yearly physical my doctor said that there were 10 things he wanted to go over. When we got to number 4 he asked about my stress level.  Somewhat embarrassed, I said that I really didn’t have any.  I said that while things aren’t always calm, I have figured out ways to combat the overwhelm (daily meditation and exercise as well as time to myself) before it becomes too much and have created a work, family situation that is in alignment with my needs.   
Don’t forget that the most important thing in the life is to follow your heart and to develop your inner talents.
I hope you have found this article interesting and useful, I was trying to make it like this. Have a nice day!


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