How You Can Attend Essay Writing With Minimal Budget

  1. Pie crust: Restate the thesis USING NEW WORDS (paraphrasing)
  2. Cheesecake: Review the major points of the essay concisely and USING NEW WORDS
  3. Whipped cream: Mention the legacy, significance, lessons we can learn, or other “takeaways” (the “so what”)
  4. Strawberry garnish: A final statement that is either a call to action (argumentative), or a more subtle closing thought (informative)



  • Think about portion You don’t want the reader to still feel hungry (too short) or stuffed to the point that she’s going to be sick (too long).
  • Stay consistent with the tone/style of the Don’t suddenly essay writing help shift into wording that is more or less formal than before.
  • Do not introduce brand new facts for the first Rather, this is the time to ANALYZE facts that were already stated, restate them, or maybe

even synthesize multiple facts to make big general statements.

  • Don’t let anything in your conclusion be random or off-topic.

How do I edit the file to make it my own?

Click on any text box, and you can change the text, move the location of the text, change fonts, etc. The only thing you can’t change is the images in the background (see below, “Why is the editable file in PowerPoint?”).

Why is the editable file in PowerPoint?                                                                     

I try to make as many editable lessons in MS Word whenever I can. However, this lesson is in PowerPoint because it uses copyrighted photographs, and making the images editable would violate their terms of use. (Sorry for any inconvenience, but I have to go the legal and ethical route!)

Thank you for supporting my store, and thank you for working together with me to do the right thing!

Why aren’t the fonts exactly the same in the editable version?                    

Some of the fonts used in the PDFs are premium fonts (that don’t usually come with a PC or Mac computer automatically). You can easily install Bebas Neue and Cheddar Jack on your computer (for free) if you wish!

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